Educating for the profession of arms : comments on current thinking and practice in Britain and the United States

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P.H. Partridge

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Policy paper

The problems of the education of officers in the armed services are at present the subject of vigorous debate within official and service circles in Australia. To what extent do officers in the Army, Navy and Air Force need to be provided with a full-fledged academic education in order to fulfil their responsibilities in the modern world? How can the demands of an academic education be reconciled with those of the inculcation of soldierly virtues and skills? Should the academic part of an officer's education be imparted by military academies, or should it be undertaken by universities? Should the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force maintain separate academies, or has the time come for these to be replaced by a single, multi-service academy?

Professor P.H. Patrridge recently had occasion to examine recent thought and practice concerning military education in Britain and the United States. Here he gives an account of his impressions and reflects about some of the major questions.

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