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NATO–Russia Relations: Deterrence, Hybrid War, and the Future of European Order

2 May 2016

The crisis in Ukraine has pushed NATO–Russia relations to their lowest point since the end of the Cold War. Russia’s annexation of Crimea has badly shaken confidence in the seemingly resilient European political order constructed over the last 25 years. Russians, for their part, argue that their interests were not taken into account in the construction of that order, and that the current crisis is the inevitable consequence. Meanwhile, the assumptions governing European security have been cast into doubt by the apparent introduction of new, or at least reinvigorated, hybrid-war tactics by Russia in Ukraine; sharp-elbowed Russian military behaviour in the vicinity of NATO territory and troops; the development of anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) capabilities; and the increasing salience of nuclear weapons.

In the run-up to NATO’s Warsaw summit in July, this free-access collection draws together 12 essays from Survival, the journal of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis. The collection includes a variety of perspectives on European order, hybrid war, A2/AD, and the role of nuclear weapons, written by Americans, Russians and Europeans.

The articles will be free-to-view, exclusively through Explore Taylor & Francis Online, until 10 July 2016.

Full list of articles in this issue:

Preserving Post-Cold War Europe - François Heisbourg

Russia in a Post-Bipolar World - Alexander Lukin _ World Order after Ukraine_ - Nadezhda K. Arbatova and Alexander A. Dynkin

Consequences of a New Cold War - Samuel Charap and Jeremy Shapiro

The Ghost of Hybrid War - Samuel Charap

Facing Russia: Conventional Defence and Deterrence in Europe - Elbridge Colby and Jonathan Solomon

Modernising NATO’s Defence Infrastructure with EU Funds - Daniel Fiott

NATO, A2/AD and the Kaliningrad Challenge - Stephan Frühling and Guillaume Lasconjarias

Deterrence at Three: US, UK and French Nuclear Cooperation - Jeffrey Lewis and Bruno Tertrais

Facing Reality: Getting NATO Ready for a New Cold War - Matthew Kroenig

Forum: NATO and Russia - Steven Pifer, Lukasz Kulesa, Egon Bahr, Götz Neuneck, Mikhail Troitskiy and Matthew Kroenig

Fantasy Counterfactual: A Nuclear-Armed Ukraine - Maria Rost Rublee

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