In conversation: are we heading towards a strategic crisis over Taiwan?

As the world nervously watches Hong Kong’s unravelling, a far bigger crisis is brewing only a few hundred kilometres away on the island of Taiwan.

The Hong Kong protests have already had a tremendous impact on Taiwan’s politics and the island’s upcoming January elections. Taiwan goes to the polls rejecting China’s preferred ‘one country, two systems’ formula for reunification that has already proven so incendiary in Hong Kong. But Beijing will accept nothing less and its patience with this ‘renegade province’ is fast running out.

Democratic responses to populist challenges

What are the emerging remedies to the pathologies of populism? Four authors of four new books reflect on how opposition parties, activist groups, global institutions and new political alliances contest the rise of the radical right and offer alternatives for democratic transformation.

Panellists include:

After insolvency: Retrenchment and reconciliation during great power decline

In this seminar Dr Kyle Haynes examines how declining great powers balance the demands of competing with peer adversaries while pulling back from costly peripheral commitments. Contrary to the received wisdom on power shifts, it argues that periods of acute decline can actually lead to reduced great power tensions and deepened cooperation. The talk will present a case study on the origins of Détente during the Cold War.

Supporting democratic values and institutions in Southeast Asia

DFAT has doubled the funding on a wide-ranging research project by PSC to explore how domestic political concerns in Southeast Asian countries are impacting the stability of the rules-based order in the region, and what Australia can do to assist.

War Studies Seminar: Indonesia and the birth of United Nations peacekeeping

Seventy years ago this month, on 27 December 1949, Indonesia became an independent state. Australia had played a notable diplomatic role in helping the Indonesians achieve independence from the Dutch colonialists, including in September 1947 despatching the very first United Nations (UN) peacekeepers to Java. This seminar will focus on the part played in the development of UN multinational peacekeeping by the peacekeepers themselves on the ground in Indonesia.

The Hon Henry Tuakeu Puna, Prime Minister of the Cook Islands

This public lecture will touch upon the constitutional implications for the relationship between Cook Islands and New Zealand of Cook Islands’ progression to developed country status.

The Hon Henry Tuakeu Puna is leader of the Cook Islands Party, one of the two major political parties in Cook Islands. PM Puna was elected Prime Minister in November 2010.

Dual-degree official opening ceremony in Japan

Ritsumeikan University and ANU celebrating the launch of the dual degree program between ANU Coral Bell School and Ritsumeikan’s College of Global Liberal Arts.

Book Launch by Dame Meg Taylor Secretary General, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

Join us for the launch of Framing the Islands: Power and Diplomatic Agency in Pacific Regionalism by author Honorary Associate Professor Greg Fry. The book will be launched by Dame Meg Taylor.

Shedding light on the Vietnamese LGBTIQ+ movement

As a recipient of the Ben and Melinda Tria Kerkvliet Southeast Asia Research Award, Huyen Truong has been able to further her research into the LGBTIQ+ community in Vietnam.

The Battle for Britain: Britain and the British Empire

In 1940, Britain faced the threat of invasion. While Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill fought a verbal political duel throughout the summer months, both sides prepared for what might happen if the two countries continued fighting. In Britain, the consensus was that a land defence against a German invasion would be a potentially impossible challenge with the little equipment left available after Dunkirk. Nevertheless, plans called for a multinational effort made up of troops from across occupied Europe and the British Empire.


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