The United States and Asia in 2013: From Primacy to Marginalization?

Published in Asian Survey, 54(1) 2014: 12-21.

Balancing act: Experts warn we can’t stay out of China’s conflicts

Australia faces an increasing challenge as tensions escalate between China and the United States over the Asia-Pacific region.

Political concerns fuel Japanese business pessimism in China

The Japanese business community is increasingly pessimistic about the Japan–China relationship

Australia's China choice?

Professor Hugh White speaks about Australia's relationships with China and the US.

Assessing China’s South China Sea Policy, 2009-2015

Published in East Asian Policy, 8(3) 2016: 100-109.

Roundtable 9-1 on Chinese Hegemony: Grand Strategy and International Institutions in East Asian History

Published in The International Security Studies Forum (ISSF), Roundtable, XI(1) 2016: 1-27.

US Ambas­sador John Berry ‘complicated’ matters: experts

A public spat between China and the US about Beijing’s political ­influence in Australia indicates the deep concern about the shifting power balance in the region, experts say.

Greater China and Transnational Environmental Crime: Understanding Criminal Networks and Enforcement Responses

Published in Lorraine Elliott and William H. Schaedla, eds, Handbook of Transnational Environmental Crime, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2016, pp. 255-75.

A Crime Pattern Analysis of the Illegal Ivory Trade in China

Jiang Nan, ‘A Crime Pattern Analysis of the Illegal Ivory Trade in China’, TEC Working Paper 1-2015, Canberra: Transnational Environmental Crime Project, Department of Internationa

Navigating China’s archives

Restricted access to the Chinese Foreign Ministry archive is a great loss for China scholars


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