Growing Chinese Trilateral Aid Cooperation

The rapid growth of Chinese foreign aid has become prominent in the past decade.

China: wealth and power conference

‘What does the rise of China mean for the world? This question, perhaps the most important in the world at the moment, is explored at a conference sponsored by the Australian Centre on China in the World and the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs.

If we strike a deal with Japan, we're buying more than submarines

Asian power politics must be factored into any defence contract decisions, writes Hugh White.

Saving the INF treaty: why China should join

Russia’s violation of the 1987 INF Treaty raises a serious problem for the Treaty regime.

After the Defence White Paper, it's time we talked about war with China

After the Defence White Paper, it's time we talked about war with China, writes Hugh White.

Australia’s balancing act with Beijing

New Defence White Paper’s China strategy will be complicated and demanding. But it also needs candour and collaboration, writes Bates Gill.

Defence White Paper fails to deal with the strategic risks we face in the Asian century

Like so many defence plans before it, the latest one leaves us drifting without a coherent response to China’s bid for regional leadership.

Orientalism refashioned: 'Eastern moon' in 'Western waters' reflecting back on the East China Sea

Department of International Relations: Power, Ethics & World Order Seminar Series

Assertive China and re-emergent Russia loom large strategically

With the release of the defence white paper two disturbing trends are looming in Australia’s strategic environment: the increasingly assertive stance of China and Russia’s re-emergence as a military power.

ANU welcomes Professor Bates Gill

Leading China and East Asia strategic expert joins Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the ANU Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs.


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