Green Turtle Dreaming

In her new chapter for a book on the Australia-Indonesia relationship, Professor Emerita Virginia Hooker chronicles the stories of women bridging cultures.

Convening Sacred Stories

Every sacred site has a story, says Dr David Kim who convened the ANU Religion Conference in April this year.

Cultural Diversity and International Order

The modern international order is facing significant challenges. Power is shifting to non-Western states and diffusing to non-state actors, including transnational insurgents. This is more than a power transition, though: it is also about culture. Western states now share the stage with powers such as China who bring their own cultural values, practices, and histories. And new forms of transnational violence are justified not in the name of political ideology but religious identity and belief.

The Rise of Chinese Exceptionalism in International Relations

Feng Zhang, ‘The Rise of Chinese Exceptionalism in International Relations’, European Journal of International Relations, 19(2) 2013: 305-28.

Tradition and Good Governance

Customs or cultural traditions may be defined as those forms of behaviour (activities, beliefs, values) which change so slowly that they give the impression

Traditional Culture and Modern Politics

I have recently been revising my book, From the Mangrove Swamps, first published in 1988 by the Institute of Pacific Studies of the University of the South P

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