David Envall

Strategic partnerships: Helping or hindering security?

Strategic partnerships are more flexible and potentially less destabilizing for Asian security than formal alliances. Yet, as David Envall and Ian Hall ask, does such flexibility come with a cost?

The morning after: Australia, Japan, and the submarine deal that wasn't

Australia and Japan have allowed their aspirational hopes for a strategic relationship to get ahead of reality, argue Nick Bisley and David Envall

Australia-Japan defence deal: Noteworthy, not newsworthy

Don't hold the front page! Japan and Australia adopt a 'strategic holding pattern', writes Dr David Envall

Japan: From Passive Partner to Active Ally

H. D. P. Envall, ‘Japan: From Passive Partner to Active Ally’, in Michael Wesley, ed., Global Allies: Comparing US Alliances in the 21st Century, Canberra: ANU Press, 2017, pp. 15-30.

Leadership and Japanese Grand Strategy: Is there an "Abe Doctrine"?

Since becoming Japanese prime minister for a second time in 2012, Shinzō Abe has sought to remake Japan’s national security posture so that the country can play a more active role in international affairs. Abe’s reforms clearly constitute a transformational project, aimed at remoulding the fundamentals of Japanese strategic thinking. However, do Abe’s efforts constitute a coherent set of foreign and security policy principles or an “Abe Doctrine”? As Japan’s “chief diplomat,” Abe remains an ambiguous figure.

Japan's 'Pivot' Perspective: Reassurance, Restructuring, and the Rebalance

Published in Security Challenges, 12(3) 2016: 5-19.

Japanese Diplomacy: The Role of Leadership

H.D.P. Envall, Japanese Diplomacy: The Role of Leadership, Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2015.

The Morning After: Australia, Japan, and the Submarine Deal that Wasn't

Published in Asia Pacific Bulletin, 346, 7 June 2016: 1-2.

Will Regional Tensions Shift the Deadlock on Okinawa's Military Bases?

Published in East Asia Forum, 26 August 2015.


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