Time for an Indo-Australis?

The Indo-Pacific is slowly replacing the Asia-Pacific as the dominant security and economic concept in our region. Natalie Sambhi writes that the complex challenges of this vast region should be approached bit by bit, and Australia, India and Indonesia could start by strengthening trilateral cooperation in the region’s southwest sector, the “Indo-Australis”.

Dangers to democracy in India?

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Debating the Quad

In this Centre of Gravity paper, six of Australia’s leading scholars and policy experts debate Australian participation in the ‘Australia-India-Japan-United States consultations on the Indo-Pacific

Bringing the Insurgents Back In: Early Wars in British India

Lilach Gilady and Joseph MacKay, ‘Bringing the Insurgents Back In: Early Wars in British India’, Terrorism and Political Violence, 27(5) 2015: 797‒817.

Strategic Dimensions of Energy Competition in Asia

William T. Tow, ‘Strategic Dimensions of Energy Competition in Asia’, in Michael Wesley, ed., Energy Security in Asia, Abingdon: Routledge, 2007, pp. 161-73.

ASEAN India Australia: Towards Closer Engagement in a New Asia

William T. Tow and Chin Kin Wah, eds, ASEAN India Australia: Towards Closer Engagement in a New Asia, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2009.

Narendra Modi's yoga diplomacy, or how India is winning friends and influencing people

Indian Prime Minister Narendra​ Modi​ is a big fan of yoga. He calls it "India's gift to the world" and recommends people make yoga as much a part of daily life as their mobile phone. After sweeping to power in 2014, Modi even appointed India's first government minister for yoga.

Regional Energy Security: An Elusive Objective?

Stuart Harris, ‘Regional Energy Security: An Elusive Objective?’ IR Working Paper 2008/2, Canberra: Department of International Relations, Research School of Pacific and Asian Affa


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