international relations

Routledge Handbook of Global Health Security

Simon Rushton and Jeremy Youde, eds, Routledge Handbook of Global Health Security, London: Routledge, 2014.

The Myth of 'Traditional' Sovereignty

Luke Glanville, ‘The Myth of “Traditional” Sovereignty’, International Studies Quarterly, 57(1) 2013: 79-90.

Where is MIKTA heading next?

Little media attention was given to the sixth MIKTA ministerial meeting in New York in October, PhD candidate Awidya Santikajaya notes.

Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect: A New History

Luke Glanville, Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect: A New History, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014.

Thomas Kuhn and International Relations Theory: Realism in 'Crisis'

In 2012, the University of Chicago Press published a special fiftieth anniversary edition of Thomas Kuhn's influential book, The Structure of Scientific

Ameliorating the Security Dilemma: Structural and Perceptual Approaches to Strategic Reform

According to the international relations literature, the security dilemma poses a significant threat to peace.

Why Democracies Don't Fight Each Other: Democracy and Integration

While a large and growing literature has emerged which investigates the impact of the expansion of democracy on foreign policy and international politics, mu

The Constructivist Turn: Critical Theory after the Cold War

This paper explores the relationship between Third Debate critical theories and the emerging 'constructivist' perspective on international relations.

You Just Don't Understand: Troubled Engagements Between Feminists and IR Theorists

This paper reconstructs some conversational encounters between feminists and IR theorists and offers some hypotheses as to why misunderstandings so frequentl

Inter-Civilisation Conflict: A Critique of the Huntington Thesis

Samuel Huntington's essay 'The Clash of Civilisations?', published in 1993, has stimulated a lively debate over the importance of civilisations and their cul


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