Ann Zhang

Ann Zhang.jpg

The art of executing foreign policy on a dynamic international platform has interested Ann since a very young age. Considering herself a people-oriented person, Ann studied diplomacy as a form of communication and intellectual exchange. 

ANU was my first choice as it has academic and geographical advantages for studying diplomacy. 

Every diplomacy class I studied had its strengths, and they differed widely in teaching scope and study outcomes, breadth of knowledge, employment of online tools, and simulation practices.

A wide range of topics related to international relations and diplomacy are taught at the Bell School. The teachers approach leading from various perspectives, for instance, the evolution of diplomacy on a time scale, in-depth teaching on a single practical element of diplomacy, and thought-provoking discussion on prominent trends in this field.

Ann has a commerce background and has been working in the space of technology for a few years. For her, it has been fascinating to compare the use of technology in diplomacy and how the digital revolution is transforming this profession. Moving forward, she looks to explore opportunities to combine diplomacy, culture and technology and shift her career focus to the public sector.