Celebrating academic excellence: CAP's Professorial Lecture Series

Prof Anthony Regan


As part of its commitment to celebrating and promoting remarkable academic achievements, the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific inaugurated the Professorial Lecture Series this year, an initiative to honour the distinguished academics promoted to Professor.

Comprising four presentations, each designed to showcase the deep expertise and ground-breaking research undertaken at the College, this year's Professorial Lecture Series was an exceptional undertaking. The event brought together academics, professional staff, students, and distinguished guests to engage with the research conducted by the newly appointed Professors. The events were well attended by the public, who valued the opportunity to learn from, and engage with, the academics and research of the College.

The first lecture in the series saw Professor Roald Maliangkay present his research and contributions on the topic Coercion and Conversion: Time Management in Colonial Korea. A specialist in cultural industries, heritage preservation, performance and fandom from the early 20th century to the present, Roald gave us insights into the introduction of time management systems in Korea under Japanese colonial rule (1910-1945) by examining the intriguing impact of new holidays, hourly pay, and punctuality on workers, the general public, and tourists.

Professor Matt Tomlinson presented the second lecture on Challenges of Political and Religious Dialogue. With expertise as a sociocultural anthropologist specialising in language, politics, and religious ritual, Matt offered valuable insights into the fascinating dynamics of human communication with the ‘extra-human’. In his lecture, he discussed the different meanings of monologue and dialogue and how they relate in political and religious speech.

The third lecture in the series, featuring Professor Anthony Regan's insights on Conflict Resolution through Constitution-Making, was graced by two distinguished guests from Papua New Guinea. Ezekiel Massat, serving as the Attorney General of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, and Kearnneth Nanei, who holds the position of Secretary to the Department of Justice and is the principal legal adviser to the Autonomous Bougainville Government, travelled from Bougainville to be part of this event.

“These esteemed guests serve as evidence of the tangible impact and significance of the work undertaken here at ANU College of Asia and the Pacific," expressed College Dean Professor Helen Sullivan.

Drawing on decades of experience in constitutional advising, Anthony discussed what might be learnt about sustainable conflict prevention and resolution. He delved into choices of processes for constitution-making and amendment, as well as the content of both new constitutions and constitutional amendments.

Professor Benjamin Penny delivered the fourth and final lecture in the series on Small Data and its significance in analysing human society at the specific, local, and individual levels. Big data analytics is often the ultimate tool for comprehending and forecasting human behaviour. In his talk, Benjamin' zoomed in' to consider the value of a micro- rather than a macro-perspective.

The Professorial Lecture Series is a testament to ANU College of Asia and the Pacific’s dedication to recognising and celebrating the outstanding contributions of its academics. The College takes pride in its mission to foster scholarship and research that shape our understanding of Asia and the Pacific. The elevation of College's academics to the rank of Professor is a significant milestone, representing not only personal achievement but also the collective success of the College in advancing knowledge in the region.

The legacy of these lectures will continue to inspire generations of scholars and enrich our understanding of this vibrant and dynamic region.

For those who couldn't attend this series, video recordings of each lecture are now accessible on our YouTube channelWe look forward to having you join us for this series when it returns in 2024.



Coercion and conversion - Prof Roald Maliangkaij
Prof Roald Maliangkaij - Professorial Lecture Series
AsPr Mathew Davies
CAP Professorial Lecture Series - Prof Matt Tomlinson 2
CAP Professorial Lecture Series - Prof Matt Tomlinson
CAP Professorial Lecture Series - Prof Benjamin Penny
Prof Anthony Regan
CAP Professorial Lecture Series - Prof Anthony Regan 2
CAP Professorial Lecture Series - Prof Anthony Regan
CAP Professorial Lecture Series - Prof Benjamin Penny 2