Intrinsic to the vision behind Immersia is connection with community. The Return to Coombs Alumni Afternoon promises to be an enriching experience that will allow you to reconnect with fellow alumni and reminisce about your time at the School.

You will also have the opportunity to view Voice Cores 1-6, a new work of art by one of Australia’s (and Canberra’s) leading glasswork artists, Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello, who is renowned for making glass vessels inspired by woven forms traditionally made by Indigenous peoples. Jennifer is of Arrernte (Australian Central Desert), Chinese and Anglo-Celtic descent, and her artwork embraces 60,000 years of Indigenous Australian culture through the new medium of glass.

In using glass, a non-traditional medium adapted from centuries-old techniques, to make traditional Indigenous forms, Jenni explores the relationships between cultures and expresses them through her personal relationship to the land.

The work is a reimagining and reshaping of the work of researchers seeking to understand how past landscapes change over time by extracting sediment cores from the Earth’s surface for analysis in the laboratory. What if, instead of compacted layers of earth, those sample cores brought up the shapes and sounds of the voices of that place’s first peoples, their stories, songs and ceremonies?

In addition, we are delighted to provide the opportunity of a short guided tour of the CAP Collection, led by CHL Collections Manager Rose Faunce, presenting a unique opportunity to view other artworks on display and provide your own memories and insights into these works.

Come and join us for an afternoon of art, conversation, memories; get together and reconnect over some afternoon tea.

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Event date

Mon, 25 Sep 2023, 3 - 5pm