Benedict Moleta
MA Research (Sydney), BA (UWA)

Benedict Moleta is a PhD student in international relations commencing 2024, studying realism in Australian diplomacy. The work of Coral Bell provides the starting point for Benedict’s research, which is motivated by questions such as the following:

Is realism primarily a condition to which Australian diplomacy is bound?
Or could realism also be the frame for a credibly independent Australian diplomacy of the future?

Is Australian diplomatic realism a perennial attitude, that keeps official foreign policy in line with the interests of Anglophone allies?
Or is it something that could be cultivated in order to modify the objectives and modes of Australia’s foreign policy, in accordance with Australian’s regional environment?

Are the sources from which diplomatic innovation might come only matters of departmental funding, party politics and a vague sense of national insecurity in a changing world?

Or might the domestic sources of foreign policy also be ones that broaden and expand the part played by diplomacy, in what Paul Keating once described as the process by which “the people of Australia, this vast continent on the edge of the Asian landmass, are slowing coming to terms with the implications of their place in the world”?

Benedict’s Master’s thesis (2020, University of Sydney) was on relations between the European Union and Palestine. Political Islam is an ongoing interest, and Benedict is currently researching Australia’s criminal listing of Hamas.

His BA was in German and European Studies, with interests from Lessing to Lenin. Benedict is also a singer.


MA dissertation


Opinion and commentary

Research Interest
  • Coral Bell, Gordon Freeth, Paul Keating, Australian diplomatic realism
  • Hamas, political Islam, Israel-Palestine realism
  • Theodor Adorno, Wolfgang Streeck, Bodo Ramelow, European dialectical realism

Language learning:

  • English: Native or bilingual proficiency
  • German: Full professional proficiency
  • French: Limited working proficiency
  • Indonesian: Elementary proficiency (started learning 2022)
  • Italian: Limited working proficiency
  • Arabic: A few basic greetings and phrases
  • Persian: A few basic greetings and phrases
  • HTML: Full professional proficiency