Elise Howard

Senior Research Officer
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Elise Howard

Elise’s research explores women’s leadership and security in the context of climate change in the Pacific Islands Region. Her research focuses on gender inequalities, leadership pathways and the structural changes needed to build greater inclusion of women’s perspectives in decision-making. Elise has also worked as a researcher at James Cook University, where she managed research projects that looked at women’s career progression in higher education, girls’ participation in science, good practice in student exchange and students’ global citizenship and intercultural awareness. For her Masters thesis, Elise explored culturally-appropriate evaluation through the Indi Kindi pre-literacy program in Borroloola, a town 1,000 kms from Darwin. Elise has also held project management and community engagement roles with the Victorian Public Service, the Australian Agency for International Development and the International Women’s Development Agency.

More Publications

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