How to slaughter the disbelievers: insights into IS' instructional video

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Dr Haroro J. Ingram

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Journal article

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How to slaughter the disbelievers: insights into IS' instructional video

The purpose of IS’ recent video titled “You must fight them o muwahhid” seems simple: provide Arabic, French and English speaking audiences with a step-by-step instructional video for “How to Slaughter the Disbelievers”. As a how-to guide, it is not particularly unique even within IS. After all, IS’ Rumiyah (Rome) magazine has a “Just Terror Tactics” section which offers its readers operational advice. Indeed, it would be misguided to focus disproportionately on the video’s instructional dimension alone. This is an error that was made by many when Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s English-language magazine Inspire offered readers operational advice in its “Open Source Jihad” section. So much so, in fact, that Inspire’s chief editor mocked that myopic focus declaring in issue 11: “The kuffar are so terrified by this section. In fact, they limit the weight of the magazine on this section alone, while they forget that all a Muslim needs to fight the kuffar is enough Iman [faith] and the simplest of tools. Thus, the magazines [sic] content complete each other”. In this video, IS propagandists are deploying a similar strategy by interweaving instructional material with strategic and justificatory narratives.

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