Berebut Hutan Siberut: Orang Mentawai, Kekuasaan dan Perubahan

Berebut Hutan Siberut

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Darmanto, Abidah Setyowati

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Darmanto and Abidah Setyowati, Berebut Hutan Siberut: Orang Mentawai, Kekuasaan dan Perubahan [Power and Change: The Political Ecology of Siberut’s Rainforest] Jakarta: UNESCO and Kepustakaan Pouler Gramedia, 2012.

Siberut island has many faces. For conservationists, Siberut is a link to the idea of how a society can live in harmony with the abundant nature of biodiversity. For the country, Siberut is a remote and backward region, a region of slightly stubborn and alienated people. For timber companies, Siberut is a forest containing logs ready to be divided into concession zones. For tourists, Siberut is exoticism, waves, and beaches. But for the Mentawai people themselves, Siberut ‒ along with the tropical forests and all the resources above ‒ is a place to live meaningful and productive lives. The relationship between humans and forests in Siberut ‒ like the composition of the forest itself ‒ is dense, full of thorns, and consists of various canopies. Siberut Forest presents a multi-layered and complicated social headline where access and control over forests are contested by actors with diverse, conflicting, and interlinked interests, ways, and objectives.

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