Global Historical Sociology

Global Historical Sociology

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Julian Go, George Lawson

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Cambridge University Press

Julian Go and George Lawson, eds, Global Historical Sociology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Bringing together historical sociologists from Sociology and International Relations, this collection lays out the international, transnational, and global dimensions of social change.The volume reveals the shortcomings of existing scholarship and argues for a deepening of the “third wave” of historical sociology through a concerted treatment of transnational and global dynamics as they unfold in, and through, time. The volume combines theoretical interventions with in-depth case studies. Each chapter moves beyond binaries of “internalism” and “externalism,” offering a relational approach to a particular thematic: the rise of the West, the colonial construction of sexuality,the imperial origins of state formation, the global origins of modern economic theory, the international features of revolutionary struggles, and more. By bringing this sensibility to bear on a wide range of issue-areas, the volume lays out the promise of a truly global historical sociology.

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