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US Invitation for Australian Combat Role in Syria - John Blaxland on The Drum

ABC The Drum's John Barron talks to John Blaxland about US invitation for Australian combat role in Syria.

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Is Australia Ready for Today's Foreign Policy Challenges? (2015)

In this video from the sidelines of the Australia 360 conference, international relations and policy experts Michael Wesley and Hugh White discuss the foreign policy challenges Australia faces in the 21st century.

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The 1970s and Australian Foreign Policy: Echoes to Today?

This video recorded at ANU on the 6th of August 2015 seeks to broadly canvass the impact of the 1970s era on Australian foreign policy. It explores why this decade was so significant for Australian policy, and covers some of the key personalities and events in the period.

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Why China will not Become the Dominant Power in Asia

In this public lecture, Paul Dibb and John Lee pick apart the assumption that China is set to dominate the region and outline how the challenges it faces today may mean its future as number one in Asia is not assured.

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Crunch Time for China in Quest to be Asia's Number One

The 21st century is meant to be China's, and its rise is almost taken for granted. But this assumption overlooks some of the core economic, political and strategic challenges the nation faces. In this video, Dr Andrew Carr talks to Adjunct Professor John Lee about the challenges facing China today, and why they mean that it won't dominate the region any time soon.

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Keeping Secrets? Lessons from History on Intelligence in the Age of ISIS

Drawing on the history of MI6, Professor Keith Jeffery reflects on the general challenges to the work of secret intelligence organisations presented by an increasingly digitally connected world.

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US-China Climate Change Deal - John Blaxland on ABC News 24

Following the Democrats' defeat in the Mid Term Elections, President Barack Obama is showing his strengths in negotiating a climate change deal with China, a

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What the Latest Techniques Can Tell us About How Australians View our Major Foreign Policy Challenges

The 2008 US Presidential Election introduced the general public to many of the innovative techniques which political scientists and others have developed to

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Long Term Iraq Strategy Unclear - John Blaxland on ABC News 24

Dr John Blaxland, senior fellow with the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, discusses the Allies' strategy in the war with ISIS in Iraq.

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