Athaulla Rasheed

Dr Athaulla Rasheed

BSocSci (Waikato), MAppL (UQ), MPhil (Griffith), PhD (UQ)

Athaulla Rasheed is originally from Maldives. Currently, he is completing a PhD at the Department of Pacific Affairs, ANU, on understanding the broader meanings of security via the lens of climate security in small island developing states and their engagement in the UN Security Council debates. Athaulla was a former foreign service officer and diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives and has convened and taught in the political science and international relations programme at the Maldives National University. He holds a PhD in political science from the University of Queensland, Australia and has authored in peer-reviewed international journals and policy publications on small states’ impact on international policy and regional security agenda in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and the Indo-Pacific security communities.

HDR Supervisor/s

George Carter

Thesis Title/Topic

Pacific Islands’ development cooperation and regional security in the wake of post-COVID-19 recovery

Expertise Area(s)

Climate Security
International Relations
Small States

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