Mr Curtis O'Toole

Curtis joined DPA as a PhD scholar in 2020. His PhD research is examining the dynamics of the relationship between police and military forces of Papua New Guinea. His thesis hopes to explain the causes of the tensions in the relationship while also giving attention to occasions of cooperation between these groups. Curtis began his academic career as an officer cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy in the Chief of Defence Force Scholarship Program where he studied International Political Studies and Indonesian before finishing his Bachelor of Arts at UNSW Kensington. Following graduation Curtis returned to ADFA to complete his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) as the inaugural holder of the campus’ civilian honours student scholarship. Curtis’ honours work focused on civil-military relations in Indonesia and Myanmar as well as further study on military ethics and Australian grand strategy. For his work Curtis was awarded first class honours and the University Medal. Prior to commencing his current course of study Curtis worked as a public servant in the then Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and acted as an advisor on the redesign of ADFA’s Bachelor of Arts program.

HDR Supervisor/s

Sinclair Dinnen Ronald May

Thesis Title/Topic

Security Forces Dynamics in Papua New Guinea 

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