Deborah Jeppesen

Ms Deborah Jeppesen

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Applied Psychology

Deborah is a psychologist who works part time for the Department of Defence in the area of defence engagement while studying at ANU part time. Her psychological expertise is in leadership, interpersonal influence, neuropsychology, social psychology and elite level performance. Deborah’s PhD research is a qualitative research analysis intended to gather information about the attributes of advisors who are influential when working in train, advise and assist (TAA) roles with foreign national security forces. This research focuses on identifying the specific attributes advisors and other senior military personnel specify as critical to the advising role. This research aims to directly inform selection, force preparation, and training for future security force assistance missions.

Research Interest

Deborah is interested in identifying whether emotional intelligence - including interpersonal skills, ability to regulate emotion, and self-awareness - is critical.

Thesis Title/Topic

An examination of the experiences and attributes of military advisors fulfilling Train, Advise and Assist roles

Expertise Area(s)

Interpersonal influence

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