Dongkeun Lee

Mr Dongkeun Lee

Bachelor of Arts (The University of Auckland) Master of Global Affairs & Policy (Yonsei University)

Dongkeun is a PhD candidate at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (SDSC), The Australian National University, and a reservist officer of the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN). Before Dongkeun joined SDSC as a PhD candidate in February 2022, he served 3 years at the ROKN as an intelligence officer. During his active-duty service, his posting was mainly military diplomacy positions including foreign liaison officer at the ROKN Headquarters. Dongkeun has a multinational background. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Politics & International Relations and Asian Studies) degree from the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a Master of Global Affairs & Policy degree from Yonsei University, South Korea.

His thesis covers the changing maritime security environment in the Indo-Pacific since the rise of China. Dongkeun especially focuses on the geopolitics of the region while investigating the sea power strategies of regional countries, including the U.S., China, Australia, Japan, India, and South Korea. To assess their sea power strategies, Dongkeun analyses the strategies and the roles of their navies. Besides research, Dongkeun has tutored and is currently tutoring ASIA1999, STST1001, STST1003, STST2001, and STST3002.

Research Interest

Dongkeun’s main research interest is maritime security and geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific region. By investigating the strategy and role of the navies in the region, Dongkeun is hoped to increase the understanding of the future maritime security and geopolitical environment in the Indo-Pacific region.

Thesis Title/Topic

Sea Power in the Indo-Pacific

Expertise Area(s)

Maritime security
Sea power and naval strategy
International Order

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