Henrietta McNeill
BA (Hons) (Canterbury), MA (Canterbury)
PhD Scholar, Research Fellow

Henrietta McNeill commenced her PhD candidature with the Department of Pacific Affairs in 2020, and submitted in 2023. She was awarded a Fulbright New Zealand General Graduate Award, and was hosted by Lewis & Clark Law School (Portland), University of California Los Angeles, and the Center for Pacific Island Studies at the University of Hawaii – Mānoa in 2022. In 2021, she was named a La Trobe Indo-Pacific Emerging Leader. Henrietta is on the project team for an Australian Department of Defence Strategic Policy Grant looking at potential networked security architecture in the Pacific Islands region, and co-investigator on another analysing how tools of statecraft are used in the Pacific Islands region. She has worked widely across the Pacific region, with a particular interest in Polynesia. She has led policy advice on a range of topics from trade, to transnational crime, and labour mobility. Heralding from Aotearoa New Zealand, she has previously also lived in Samoa and Tokelau. She is now a Research Fellow with DPA and co-convenes STST2003 – Australia and Security in the Pacific Islands.

Research Interest

Henrietta's research interests are criminal deportations to the Pacific Islands, security cooperation on transnational crime, and Pacific geopolitics.

HDR Supervisor/s

Sinclair Dinnen James Batley

Thesis Title/Topic

Offshore currents: Examining securitisation and de-securitisation of criminal deportations to Tonga, Samoa and Cook Islands

Expertise Area(s)

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