Jope Tarai

Mr Jope Tarai


Jope Tarai is an Indigenous Fijian and Pacific scholar pursuing a Ph.D. in Digital Politics, at the Department of Pacific Affairs, in ANU. He was awarded a gold medal for the most outstanding Master of Arts Thesis titled Collective Diplomacy: A case study of the South Pacific Tuna Treaty, at the University of the South Pacific (USP). Jope has extensive work-related experience in Pacific regionalism and development, having worked at the University of the South Pacific and connected networks with other crop agencies. His research interests and publications include Pacific politics, regionalism, collective diplomacy, digital politics, and Pacific development.

NOTE: other than Amanda H A Watson and Sarah Logan, Jope is also supervised by Larrisa Hjorth from RMIT University.

    Research Interest



    Academic publications

    Political reviews: Fiji

    Digital politics – social media research

    Pacific Regionalism

    Op-ed pieces

    Online short pieces

    Collaborative publications

      HDR Supervisor/s

      Amanda H A Watson Sarah Logan

      Thesis Title/Topic

      Digital Politics in Fiji

      Expertise Area(s)

      Asia Pacific
      Regional Analysis and Development
      Public diplomacy
      Digital Technologies
      Development Policy

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