Mr Kevin Pullen

Mr Kevin Pullen

Kevin has lived and worked in Papua New Guinea for more than a decade. For the last 6 years he has been engaged as an adviser to support the Bougainville peace process and the implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA). His doctoral research is focused on the complexities of the administrative arrangements related to the BPA and inter-governmental capacity constraints.

Other than Anthony Regan Thiago Cintra Oppermann, Kevin is also supervised by Gordon Peake from United States Institute of Peace.

Research Interest

  • Implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement.
  • Capacity building and public sector institutional reform in developing states, in particular Papua New Guinea.
  • Peace building, intra-state conflict, and the design and implementation of Comprehensive Peace Agreements.

HDR Supervisor/s

Anthony Regan Thiago Cintra Oppermann

Thesis Title/Topic

Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, and the Implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

Expertise Area(s)

Papua New Guinea

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