Samuel Hmung

Salai Samuel Hmung is a PhD student at the Department of Political and Social Change of the Australian National University. He received a Master of Political Science (Advanced) from the ANU, under an Australian Awards scholarship. His master’s thesis applied an original power-sharing framework to explore and compare the preferences of Myanmar’s elite political actors for power-sharing through their public statements. He has worked as a researcher for institutions and projects, including the ARC-funded project ‘Constitutional Change in Authoritarian Regimes: The Case of Myanmar’ at the Faculty of Law and Justice of the University of New South Wales, the Australian National University’s Myanmar Research Centre, the Southeast Asia Rules-Based Order (SEARBO) project, and the United States Institute of Peace. Samuel’s PhD project explores the relationship between non-violent and violent movements in Myanmar and beyond. His broader research interests include non-state armed actors, revolutions, power-sharing institutions, and rebel governance.

Research Interest

Non-state armed actors, revolutions, power-sharing institutions, and rebel governance.

HDR Supervisor/s

Nick Cheesman George Lawson Ardeth Thawnghmung

Thesis Title/Topic

The Relationship between Unarmed and Armed Struggles of Myanmar's Spring Revolution

Expertise Area(s)

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