Siaosi Gavet

Mr Siaosi Gavet

MA (Hons) in Youth Development (AUT)

Siaosi was born and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand born of parents from Samoa. He graduated with an MA(Hons) in Youth Development at AUT University. He has been involved with youth, predominantly Maori and Pasifika, over the past two decades. Siaosi’s professional career has been mainly in the education sector serving priority learners through his work in the schooling and tertiary sectors. He recently left a role at the Ministry of Education to join the Solomon Group, a private training organisation aimed at enhancing employment opportunities for Maori and Pasifika learners through vocational education and training.

Note: Other than Rochelle-lee Bailey and Gemma Malungahu, Siaosi is also supervised by Roannie Ng Shiu and Gerhard Sundborn from University of Auckland.

HDR Supervisor/s

Rochelle-lee Bailey Gemma Malungahu

Thesis Title/Topic

The experiences of Pacific rugby league players moving from New Zealand to NRL clubs in Australia

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