Subrata Banarjee

Mr Subrata Banarjee

MA (Ottawa)

Subrata is a Ph.D. candidate with the Department of Pacific Affairs, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs. He is from Bangladesh. For the last eight and half years, he has worked as a university teacher in the “Department of Criminology and Police Science”; Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Furthermore, he worked as a researcher in the research and planning cell of Bangladesh Police on policing and criminal justice issues for the past three years. Subrata also has prior work experience in gender rights, policing, labor rights, and children’s rights in developmental organizations. He also completed an internship at Terrorism Prevention of UNODC, Vienna, Austria, in 2012. He recently graduated with his second MA in Criminology from the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa, Canada. His research project was on “A Critical Analysis of How Sexual Violence against Women is Defined and Addressed within Existing Legal Instruments in Bangladesh.” Before that, he completed his undergraduate and first Master in Criminology and Police Science from Bangladesh. His doctoral study focuses on women’s experience of domestic violence and their challenges within the Criminal Justice System of Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea. He has several publications on gender-based violence, labor rights, children’s rights, terrorism, punishment, and policing. He thinks that completing his doctoral research from Australian National University will enable him to teach his students better and engage himself with national and international research widely.

HDR Supervisor/s

Judy Putt Sinclair Dinnen

Thesis Title/Topic

Women’s experience of domestic violence and their challenges through the Criminal Justice System in Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea

Expertise Area(s)

Crime Policy

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