Ms Teremoana Matepi

Mona Matepi is a first year PhD candidate with the Department of Pacific Affairs, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at the Australian National University. Her research examines seabed mining in the Pacific Islands. She will specifically focus on questions surrounding Pacific Islander’s autonomy and social economic security through analyzing the decision-making processes that brought this emergent industry to the region. In the light of anticipated impacts on island societies, the preparedness of host-states and local communities to manage this new high-tech industry will be assessed. She aims to shed light on the difficulties encountered during the roll-out consultative phase of the EU-funded Deep Sea Minerals Project which introduced seabed mining to Pacific communities. Mona is a recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award.

HDR Supervisor/s

Paul D'Arcy Anthony Regan

Thesis Title/Topic

Seabed mining in the Pacific

Expertise Area(s)

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