Wenting HJe
BScEcon (University of Macau), MC-IR (The Australian National University)

Wenting He is a PhD candidate of International Relations at The Australian National University. Her PhD project investigates how China’s idea of paradoxical market-state relations shapes its engagement with international economic order over the lessons of economic crises. She has published two journal articles in Asia Policy concerning the ambiguity of national interests, highlighting the overlooked potential for U.S.-China cooperation with reference to the enduring Keynesian framing that leads states to perceive the common interests in addressing the shared threats within U.S. policy narratives.

She has also worked as a research officer in a research project on How China Shapes the International Economic Order, which is led by A/Professor Amy King and generously funded by the Westpac Scholars Trust and the ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre.

Beyond research, Wenting has tutored and taught over 10 undergraduate and master-level ANU courses such as International Political Economy, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Organisations in World Politics, and China's Defence and Strategic Challenges. She has also worked as the assessor in the Military and Defence Studies Program, which was conducted by ANU under contract to the Australian Defence Force, and the guest lecturer in the program “Strategic Policy for the Asia-Pacific in Transition” for the Department of Defence.

She is currently the HDR student representative of Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at ANU College of Asia & the Pacific. For further details of Wenting's career journey, please check her Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wenting-hehehe/ and Twitter: https://twitter.com/wentinghe1103.

Research Interest

Wenting's research focuses on how crisis as a key mechanism drives the change of state interests, with a focus on the interplay of ideas and discourse, structural shifts and policy responses. Her broad research interests revolve around market-state relations, constructivist theory, China's foreign economic policies, and U.S.-China relations.

HDR Supervisor/s

Wesley Widmaier Jr Amy King

Thesis Title/Topic

Ambiguity and State Interest: State-Market Interplay and the Making of Global China from the 1990s

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