Amy King

Tackling the region’s policy challenges

New issue of Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies confronts key policy concerns

China, Development, and Bretton Woods: The Role of Shared Ideas in Order Transition

Transitions in order are not only products of transitions in power, but also products of transitions in shared ideas. This seminar examines the role of shared ideas through the lens of China’s involvement in shaping the transition to a post-World War II economic order at Bretton Woods. Drawing on new Chinese-language archival materials, the seminar focuses on how and with what success China sought to shape global ideas about three interlocking strands of thinking at Bretton Woods: development, the role of the state in the domestic economy, and managed multilateralism.

Dr Amy King receives 2017 Westpac Fellowship & DECRA

Dr Amy King, from the ANU Strategic & Defence Studies Centre (SDSC), is one of four 2017 Westpac Research Fellowship recipients, and was successful because of her ongoing research into China and its involvement in shaping the global economic order.

Finding a Way Forward: Strategic Diplomacy in Northeast Asia

Northeast Asia is rife with potential conflict, given US-China great power rivalry, ongoing differences over interpretations of history between Korea and Japan and between China and Japan, simmering maritime disputes in the East and South China Seas, and worries that tensions could escalate between Taiwan and the Mainland under the US presidency of Donald J. Trump. The articles in this cover package of Global Asia argue that now is the time for players in the region to embrace “strategic diplomacy.”

Taiwan’s Place in Northeast Asia’s Memory Contests: Can Strategic Diplomacy Help?

Amy King offers a refreshing new angle on the difficult problem of historical memory disputes by unpacking the “memory politics” of an under-studied Northeast Asian case, Taiwan, and by examining h

Political concerns fuel Japanese business pessimism in China

The Japanese business community is increasingly pessimistic about the Japan–China relationship

Navigating China’s archives

Restricted access to the Chinese Foreign Ministry archive is a great loss for China scholars

Tackling the region’s policy challenges

New issue of Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies confronts key policy concerns

The China Syndrome? Nuclear Power Growth and Safety After Fukushima

Since the Fukushima disaster in Japan, the Chinese government has undertaken a number of measures to improve the safety of its nuclear facilities while simul


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