The Practice of Common Security: China’s Borders with Russia and India

Gary Klintworth, ‘The Practice of Common Security: China’s Borders with Russia and India’, IR Working Paper 1993/1, Canberra: Department of International Relations, Research School

China’s Public Order Crisis and Its Strategic Implications

Greg Austin, ‘China’s Public Order Crisis and Its Strategic Implications’, IR Working Paper 1994/10, Canberra: Department of International Relations, Research School of Pacific and

Why Tensions Are Rising Between Vietnam and China

Hunter Marston, ‘Why Tensions Are Rising Between Vietnam and China’, Foreign Affairs, 15 August 2017.

How Trump can Avoid War with China

Nicholas Borroz and Hunter Marston, ‘How Trump can Avoid War with China’, Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, 4(3) 2017: 613-20.

China, Development, and Bretton Woods: The Role of Shared Ideas in Order Transition

Transitions in order are not only products of transitions in power, but also products of transitions in shared ideas. This seminar examines the role of shared ideas through the lens of China’s involvement in shaping the transition to a post-World War II economic order at Bretton Woods. Drawing on new Chinese-language archival materials, the seminar focuses on how and with what success China sought to shape global ideas about three interlocking strands of thinking at Bretton Woods: development, the role of the state in the domestic economy, and managed multilateralism.

How Taiwan stands up to China through soft power

Amid Beijing's firm and hardline resolve to employ force if necessary, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing_Wen remained unfazed. Her response rejected China's one country, two systems approach...

Symposium: The China Alternative - Changing Regional Order in the Pacific

China’s assertive presence in Oceania has provided alternative opportunities for Pacific Island governments, is welcomed with cautious optimism by observers, and has raised concerns, especially for the metropolitan powers that have long dominated the region.

Pacific Island governments now engage with China through diplomatic partnerships, trade, aid, investments, infrastructure developments, and commerce. Beijing has posed itself as an alternative power, which is changing the regional order.

IB 2018/31 Chinese Evacuation Operations Part 2: A New Narrative

As China’s security posture and foreign policy become more assertive, stories about evacuation operations message these capabilities to the Chinese population and to the world.

IB 2018/30 Chinese Evacuation Operations Part 1: A New Consideration for the Pacific

The increasing number of Chinese citizens living, working and travelling abroad as part of China’s rise has created an obligation for the People’s Republic of China to protect them.

IB 2018/25 China International Import Expo: A New Opportunity for Pacific States?

This In Brief looks at the trade relationship between China and the 14 Pacific Island countries (PICs) and argues that while China’s exports to the region have grown more steadily than its imports


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