WP 2022/03 Personal Reflections on Political Economy and Nation-Building in Solomon Islands

This paper is based on a speech delivered by DPA visiting fellow Dr Transform Aqorau on 26 August 2022 at The Australian National University. It is followed by an epilogue by Stewart Firth.

IB 2020/13 What We Can Learn From Provincial Governments in Solomon Islands: A Personal Perspective — Part 1: Local Recruitment

The problems of Solomon Islands’ provincial governments have been the subject of political investigations, with stories of their corruption regularly run in the country’s two daily national newspap

Law, Order and the State in Papua New Guinea

Law and order issues feature prominently in public debate in Papua New Guinea. Concerns centre around criminal violence and the limited effectiveness of state controls.

Najib fights to retain control after 1MDB scandal

As 2016 draws to a close, Najib Razak remains Malaysia’s prime minister. This is despite two years of scandal, scrutiny and speculation over funds missing from state development fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), including US$800 million that is believed to have passed through his personal bank accounts.

IB2016/24 Politics, Organised Crime and Corruption in the Pacific

The notion of ‘organised crime’ typically conjures up images of criminal gangs. Some mafia and bikie gangs do operate in parts of the Pacific and have featured in local and international media.

Reporting Corruption from within Papua New Guinea’s Public Financial Management System

This paper reports on an innovative approach to expand corruption reporting practices in Papua New Guinea (PNG) based on the experiences of public officials using this new reporting mechanism.

Dirty politics in Vanuatu

People in Vanuatu know politics is a dirty business. But it is one thing to know, and another to watch politicians being legally held to account, writes Siobhan McDonnell.

Is Malaysia in crisis?

Embattled by billions of dollars in debt owed by the state investment fund 1MDB, and a corruption case involving a ‘donation’ of nearly US$700 million paid i

Understanding Judicial Independence in Vanuatu

This paper is intended to fill a gap in the literature concerning the Vanuatu judiciary, as this topic is rarely addressed other than in reports by internati


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