Counter-Terrorism, Multinational Joint Task Force and the Missing Components

Babatunde Obamamoye, ‘Counter-Terrorism, Multinational Joint Task Force and the Missing Components’, African Identities, 15(4) 2017: 428–40.

Learning from ISIS’s virtual propaganda war for Western Muslims: A comparison of Inspire and Dabiq

The surge in Islamist-inspired foreign fighters and similarly inspired ‘home-grown’ plots points to a terrorism threat that has grown for many Western nations despite a second

How to slaughter the disbelievers: insights into IS' instructional video

The purpose of IS’ recent video titled “You must fight them o muwahhid” seems simple: provide Arabic, French and English speaking audiences with a step-by-step instructional video for “How to Slaug

ISIS: Assessing Rumiyah

The propaganda released by ISIS since late 2015 provides a fascinating case study of how a group in politico-military decline uses messaging to coax friends and foes into fixating upon and exaggerating their strengths while ignoring, dismissing or reframing their failures.

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