Hunter Marston

Destiny's Child

Three decades after Aung San Suu Kyi was first sentenced to house arrest for her fight for democracy in Myanmar, the Nobel laureate is now arguably the main obstacle to the country putting its past behind it

Uncle Sam Will Have to Change His Tune After November for Buy-in From Southeast Asia

High stakes in the upcoming US presidential election for Southeast Asia and for American influence and goodwill in the region.

A Review of 'Under Beijing’s Shadow: Southeast Asia's China Challenge' by Murray Hiebert

According to recent surveys of Southeast Asia, China is now the most influential strategic and political power in the region.

Ideology Is Hijacking the Trump Administration’s Asia Strategy

The US Asia strategy needs to go beyond drawing a stark line between autocracies and 'freedom-loving countries'.

US–China Blame Game Grates on Southeast Asia

Hunter Marston, ‘US–China Blame Game Grates on Southeast Asia’, East Asia Forum, 22 July 2020.

America's Post-Coronavirus Diplomacy Needs Middle-Powers Alliances

Hunter Marston and Ali Wyne, ‘America’s Post-Coronavirus Diplomacy Needs Middle-Powers Alliances’, Foreign Policy, 17 July 2020.

Stirring Hatreds Ahead of Myanmar Elections

Hate speech and extremist ideology are on the rise as parties vie for votes, and more violence could be the consequence

Making the Most of US-ASEAN Ties, Even Without the Vegas Summit

To regain its advantage in Southeast Asia, Washington must redefine the terms of competition

Has the US Lost Myanmar to China?

Xi’s visit bolstered China-Myanmar ties, but the West can still compete.

Trump Keeps Spoiling US Asia Policy

Hunter Marston, ‘Trump Keeps Spoiling US Asia Policy’, East Asia Forum, 15 January 2020.


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