Why ISIS is so good at branding its failures as successes

The Parsons Green attack shows that governments and the media keep falling into the propaganda traps being set for them, write Charlie Winter and Haroro Ingram

Learning from ISIS’s virtual propaganda war for Western Muslims: A comparison of Inspire and Dabiq

The surge in Islamist-inspired foreign fighters and similarly inspired ‘home-grown’ plots points to a terrorism threat that has grown for many Western nations despite a second

What Happens When ISIS Becomes an Online Caliphate?

After the fall of Mosul, devising effective ways to combat Islamic State propaganda will be critically important, writes Dr Haroro Ingram.

Trump—channelling George Kennan, eight decades on

"In his blustering, bumbling way, Trump may be fulfilling the long held ambition of George Kennan on the world order. And while the transition is risky, it may ultimately be for the best.", writes Andrew Carr.

After Mosul: A Grueling Start Down a Very Long Road

With combat operations underway in west Mosul, Iraqi security forces will later this year regain control of the city.

An Analysis of Islamic State's Dabiq Magazine

Published in Australian Journal of Political Science,51(3) 2016: 458-77.

Jihadist Threat in 2017

In the first week of the new year, ISIS’s online magazine Rumiyah’s fifth issue again instructed Western supporters to attack at home. In the same week, ISIS claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in Istanbul and Baghdad, and car bombers led the organisation’s ongoing defence of Mosul. Meanwhile, Al-Qaeda’s Ayman Al-Zawahiri reminded the world that while attacking America and its allies is still a “top priority”, Al-Qaeda-ISIS tensions remain high. So what can we expect from the rest of the year?

Attack on Pakistan police academy shows reach of Islamic State

Islamic State’s propaganda arm yesterday posted a photograph of three fighters it claims were ­responsible for an attack on a police academy in Pakistan that killed 61 trainee officers.

How ISIS Weaponized the Media After Orlando

In the space of minutes, Omar Mateen transformed from an “ordinary” mass shooter into a global terrorist.


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