Islamic State

How ISIS survives defeat: Propaganda and decisive minorities

Despite suffering major losses of territory and personnel, Islamic State (ISIS) has continued to produce propaganda.

Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the Islamic State

Dara Conduit, David Malet, and Levi West, ‘Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the Islamic State,’ in Jack Covarrubias, Tom Lansford, and Robert J.

The Strategic Logic of Islamic State Information Operations

Published in Australian Journal of International Affairs, 69(6) 2015: 729-52.

An Analysis of Islamic State's Dabiq Magazine

Published in Australian Journal of Political Science,51(3) 2016: 458-77.

Rumiyah, Issue 2 (English): Rallying the “True Believers” as Hardship Purifies the Ranks

With the release of Rumiyah’s second issue, it is increasingly clear that so-called Islamic State (IS)’s propaganda efforts have strategically shifted, characterised by two key trends.

Deciphering the Siren Call of Militant Islamist Propaganda: Meaning, Credibility & Behavioural Change

This Research Paper explores how militant Islamists use propaganda to appeal to and radicalise supporters.

ISIS: Assessing Rumiyah

The propaganda released by ISIS since late 2015 provides a fascinating case study of how a group in politico-military decline uses messaging to coax friends and foes into fixating upon and exaggerating their strengths while ignoring, dismissing or reframing their failures.

Dr John Blaxland warns against Australia sending troops into Syria

As France launched a second round of air strikes against Islamic State in Syria, one of Australia’s leading defence experts has warned against deploying Aussie troops on the ground.

Countering Islamic State is a way to strengthen Australia-Indonesia relations

The one thing Indonesia and Australia can agree on.

Australia’s anti-Islamic State pushback must be made to work

Former diplomat and essayist Owen Harries once bemoaned our tendency to be blinkered by our “parochialism of the present”.

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