Australia must be dexterous in its ties with Trump's America

Australia must deal now with an inexperienced American leadership inclined to reject expertise. Intelligence chiefs have been removed from the most important decision-making apparatus, the National Security Council, and replaced with ideologues. The potential for grave errors of judgment appears greater than in years.

US 'sail through' will not deter China

President Barack Obama's decision to send a U.S. Navy ship through waters claimed by China, around an artificial island in the South China Sea, was presented as a warning that Washington will not allow Beijing to block freedom of navigation. Officials have suggested that the operation in late October might be the first in a series of similar maneuvers with the same objective. But such operations are unlikely to deter China or reassure America's friends in Asia

Glitch underlines the priority of Indonesia-Australia cooperation

It’s not yet clear exactly what went on at the SAS’ Campbell Barracks in Perth last November that has prompted the latest hiccup in Australia–Indonesia relations. Media reports suggest that a provocative essay on West Papua by an Australian soldier, and disrespectful posters at the base, caused offence to a visiting Indonesian special forces officer. Other reports suggest that training materials contained discussion of anti-communist massacres in Indonesia in the 1960s, and made disparaging references to the Indonesian military.

Once were Warriors: The Militarized State in Narrating the Past

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Bangladesh in 2011: Weak Statebuilding and Diffident Foreign Policy

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Implications for Asia in Japan’s Economic Decline

H. D. P. Envall, ‘Implications for Asia in Japan’s Economic Decline’, East Asia Forum, 2(3) 2010: 28-30.

Seminar: Thailand's Strategic Culture

Thailand’s external security policy is mostly considered in terms of its traditionally astute foreign policy.


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