New Caledonia

IB 2022/16 A Decolonisation Test for France in the Pacific: The Third Referendum on Independence in New Caledonia Part 2: What Next?

In December 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, New Caledonians were faced with a third referendum provided for by the Nouméa Accord.

IB 2022/15 A Decolonisation Test for France in the Pacific: The Third Referendum on Independence in New Caledonia Part 1: The Controversial Vote

The Nouméa Accord of 1998 proposed a consensually negotiated interim governing framework in New Caledonia after intercommunal violence in the 1980s.

DP 2022/03 Getting to ‘Oui’ in the Nouméa Accord’s Final Status Talks

Behind a façade of stability, New Caledonian politics is shifting away from its long-established bipolar structure.

IB 2022/13 How the China Card is Played in New Caledonia

As China’s international profile grows, debates over Chinese influence occupy a significant role in New Caledonian politics, as elsewhere.

DP 2021/03 Uncertainties as New Caledonia Prepares for Its Final Independence Referendum

France’s decision to hold the third and final independence referendum in New Caledonia under 1998 Nouméa Accord provisions on 12 December 2021 means that on that day, the Accord expires, along with

DP 2020/05 Incompatible Struggles? Reclaiming Indigenous Sovereignty and Political Sovereignty in Kanaky and/or New Caledonia

The question of sovereignty in Kanaky and/or New Caledonia has been the central political issue for the people of the archipelago for nearly five decades.

DP 2020/04 The Role of the United Nations in New Caledonia’s Process of Self-Determination (translated from the original French version)

This Discussion Paper arises from the June 2019 PIPSA (Pacific Islands Political Studies Association) conference with the theme of ‘Democracy, Sovereignty and Self-Determination in the Pacific Isla

IB 2020/31 The Role of Social Media in New Caledonia’s Referendums on Self-determination

The French Pacific collectivity of New Caledonia has held two referendums on its political status under the 1998 Noumea Accord, on 4 November 2018 and 4 October 2020.

DP 2020/04 L’ONU au service du processus d’émancipation de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

La présence de l’ONU à l’occasion de la seconde consultation d’autodétermination de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, prévue par l’Accord de Nouméa du 5 mai 1998, le 4 octobre prochain est l’occasion de reven

WP 2020/05 Self-Determination and Electoral Geography in New Caledonia: Political Stasis or Independence?

Only six months after the first referendum on selfdetermination on 4 November 2018, New Caledonians were invited to vote in provincial elections on 12 May 2019.


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