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Essays in honour of Paul Dibb

SDSC Scholars Offer Insight and Analysis on the 2016 Defence White Paper

With the launch of the new and heavily anticipated 2016 Defence White Paper, Australia has joined the Asia-Pacific arms race – allocating up to $19 billion for weaponry and military forces. Experts from SDSC offer their key insight and analysis of the Paper.

Removal of Putin from power only way to end Ukraine horror

Russia’s war with Ukraine has not gone as well as expected. Most Western experts predicted that Russia’s reformed and modernised military would swiftly overrun the Ukrainian armed forces.

Getting inside the mind of Vladimir Putin

The danger of war between Russia and Ukraine is hotting up. Despite endless talks with Western leaders and their senior officials, Vladimir Putin continues a massive build-up of Russia’s military capabilities all along Ukraine’s borders, as well as in Belarus – which would be the shortest invasion route to Kiev.

Brazen Putin tests divided West over Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s talks with Joe Biden, followed by Russian diplomatic discussions with the US, NATO and the Commission on Security and Co-operation in Europe in Europe last week, have produced no progress whatsoever on Russia’s demands for the exclusion of Ukraine from NATO membership.

US election: Donald Trump presidency is cause for real security concern

Julie Bishop has indicated that her Department of Foreign ­Affairs is looking at various scenarios for the outcome of the US elections tomorrow. She made it plain that a Donald Trump presidency would have to be per­suaded to maintain a US presence in the Asia-Pacific region. “It will be up to our region, including Australia, to persuade a Trump administration to focus on the Asia-Pacific,” she said. In my view, Australia should be concerned, very concerned, about a Trump victory. And here’s why.

Wedged West faces geopolitical, death threats on emerging fronts

We are living in an exceedingly dangerous world that is challenging the core values of our Western civilisation.

Insight and analysis on the 2016 Defence White Paper

With the launch of the new and heavily anticipated 2016 Defence White Paper on Thursday 25 February, Australia has joined the Asia-Pacific arms race - allo


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