French territories in the Pacific Ocean are often under-analysed in Anglophone settings. Join three Francophone emerging scholars for a fascinating panel which covers France’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific as it pertains to the Pacific region; France’s role in reconciliation in New Caledonia; and the geopolitics of French Polynesia.


Clara Filippi is a Nouméa-born PhD candidate, descendant of convicts sent to New Caledonia, with a Caledonian mother and European father. After studying Social and Political Sciences and International Relations in Quebec and Europe, she is now pursuing her doctoral degree at UCLouvain. In her thesis, she studies reconciliation processes and memory, as well as the (non-) transmission of recent history (period call “Events”) in New Caledonia. She is currently a Visiting Fellow at the ANU.

Raihaamana Tevahitua has degrees in geopolitics and public law. He has worked in the export and tourism sectors. His interests include overseas para-diplomacy, island development, climate and environmental issues, technological advances, multifaceted security and strategic competition. He aims to promote the interests of the people of Oceania in the contemporary strategic context.

Marvin Girelli is a PhD candidate at the University of French Polynesia. Marvin's work focuses on the French presence in the South Pacific after the nuclear tests; his field of research includes History, and International Relations.

Please note that this is an in-person event.





Coombs Seminar Room E

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