Len Ang
MPP (ANU), B. Arts (RUPP)

Len is a PhD candidate at the Political and Social Change (PSC). Len has a strong interest in research with a focus on good governance and local democratic development. His interests in democratic and good governance stemmed back to a time when he started his short-term consultancy (STC) at the World Bank Office in Cambodia. After that he moved to the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI), a local research think-tank, where he brought his research on local governance and democratic development into agenda of his daily writing and discussion. Len, then, published some working papers i.e youth civic engagement in time of political change. Len has carried on his research interest to the ANU where he is trying to understand mega-investment projects impacted on the local good governance and democratic development. From this project, Len is expected to publish a standard thesis format for the ANU for his doctor degree and planned to convert the standard thesis into a book that could be used for new scholars and young learners.

Research Interest

Len's research interest is centered in the areas of local governance, democratic development, foreign direct investment, Geopolitics in Southeast Asia, and authoritarian politics.

Thesis Title/Topic
Mega-investment project impacts on local government
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