Hunter Marston
MA, Southeast Asia Studies, MPP (University of Washington-Seattle)

Hunter Marston is a PhD candidate in International Relations at Australian National University in the Coral Bell School of Asia-Pacific Affairs, an Adjunct Research Fellow at La Trobe Asia with La Trobe University in Melbourne, and an Associate with 9DashLine. He was previously a 2021 nonresident WSD-Handa Fellow at the Pacific Forum in Honolulu and the recipient of a Robert J. Myers Fellows Fund from the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. From 2015-2019, he was a Senior Research Assistant for the Center for East Asia Policy Studies and The India Project at the Brookings Institution. He also worked in the Center for Strategic & International Studies’ (CSIS) Southeast Asia program. He completed his Masters in Southeast Asia Studies and Masters in Public Administration at the University of Washington in 2013. In 2012 Hunter was a Harold Rosenthal Fellow in International Relations in the U.S. Embassy in Myanmar. He writes regularly on Southeast Asian politics and U.S. foreign policy. His work has appeared in Contemporary Southeast Asia, the New York Times, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and the Washington Post.

Research Interest

Hunter's research focuses on great power competition in Southeast Asia. In particular, he explores how small states in Southeast Asia form hedging strategies to manage their relations with the United States and China, with particular focus on Singapore, Vietnam, and Myanmar. His main research interests include state-society relations and political change in Southeast Asia, U.S. foreign policy, and U.S.-China competition.

HDR Supervisor/s

Mathew Davies

Thesis Title/Topic

Navigating Great Power Competition: Explaining the Persistence of Hedging in Southeast Asia

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