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Head of Department

George Lawson joined ANU in 2020, having previously taught at the London School of Economics (LSE) and Goldsmiths College. He works primarily on historical sociology and revolutions. On the latter, he is the author of: On Revolutions: Unruly Politics in the Contemporary World (Oxford, 2022) (with Colin Beck, Mlada Bukovanksy, Erica Chenoweth, Sharon Nepstad and Daniel Ritter); Anatomies of Revolution (Cambridge, 2019); and Negotiated Revolutions: The Czech Republic, South Africa and Chile (Routledge, 2016/2005). On the former, he is the co-editor of Global Historical Sociology (with Julian Go) (Cambridge, 2017) and The Global 1989 (with Chris Armbruster and Michael Cox) (Cambridge, 2010), and the co-author, with Barry Buzan, of The Global Transformation: History, Modernity and the Making of International Relations (Cambridge, 2015).