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The IR Department is home to 21 permanent faculty, who work on a wide range of topics, including, peace and conflict studies; ethics and governance; war and revolution; the women, peace and security agenda; and changing patterns of world order.

Our world-class teaching programs are research-led and pedagogically innovative.

Postgraduate Degrees

The study of world politics has never been more important, whether seen in changing patterns of world order, shifting geopolitical alliances, new security threats ranging from climate change to terrorism, the spread of transnational social movements, or the shake-up to diplomacy from emerging technologies. The Asia-Pacific lies at the sharp end of these dynamics. This makes Australia – and ANU – the ideal place from which to study, and shape, the shifting tectonics of world politics.


Master of International Relations

Studying International Relations at ANU means that you will be studying in the best program of its kind in Australia, and graduating with one of the most respected IR degrees in the world. The Master of International Relations is the only IR program in Australia that combines the study of global politics with leading disciplinary innovations in theory and practice, and an engagement with the Asia-Pacific region. The program equips you with a keen understanding of the pressing issues of our time by providing you with access to globally recognised experts in these fields.

Master of Diplomacy

The Master of Diplomacy equips you with the knowledge and skills for understanding diplomatic practices in international affairs, while positioning you at the centre of a global network of leading scholars and policymakers. ANU is the only institution in the southern hemisphere that offers a dedicated postgraduate degree in diplomacy. Studying at ANU gives you access to the engine room of international affairs with the federal government, embassies and international agencies based in Canberra at our doorstep. Relevant to students and diplomatic practitioners from diverse backgrounds and interests, our program brings an international, inter-disciplinary perspective to the classroom.


Master of International Law and Diplomacy

There has never been a more important time to study diplomacy and international law hand-in-hand. The Master of International Law and Diplomacy is a joint degree offered by ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and the ANU College of Law, addressing the needs arising from the complex intersection of public policy, law and dispute resolution. You will be taught by globally recognised scholars from both the IR Department and the ANU College of Law, as well as senior diplomatic and international legal professionals from Australia and elsewhere. The program will position you at the centre of a global network of diplomatic and legal scholars and practitioners.

Master of Peace and Conflict Studies

The Master of Peace and Conflict Studies program brings together diverse disciplinary insights, demonstrating how the different ways we interpret peace and conflict can influence what we see, what we respond to, and how we may judge success and failure. Drawing particularly on the Asia Pacific but with a global outlook, this degree equips its graduates with the abilities to work in a wide range of private, civil society, and governmental organisations.

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Graduate Diploma of International Affairs

The Graduate Diploma of International Affairs equips you with the knowledge and skills required for understanding emerging issues in international affairs. The program explores the ways in which globalisation, development, democratisation, terrorism, human security, war and conflict drive political developments in the Asia Pacific, and around the world.

Higher Degree Research

The IR Department at ANU is one of the leading centres in the world for Higher Degree Research (HDR) students. Our HDR program (PhD only) equips you with the critical, analytical and communication skills necessary for a career at the forefront of scholarly and public debates. We provide a stimulating, supportive, intellectual environment conducive to learning and the exchange of ideas. We encourage rigorous, innovative scholarship and respect diverse perspectives on, and approaches to, research.

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Meet our alumni

We are proud that our alumni go on to achieve great things around the world. Our students have gone on to become ambassadors, senior staff in foreign ministries, academics, and leading figures at international organisations and transnational corporations.

If you would like to tell us more about what you've been doing since studying with us, or want to suggest an alumnus we should profile, please get in touch: