Kazimier Lim

Kazimier Lim


Kazimier Lim was born in Singapore and lived between Singapore and Taiwan for most of his childhood. For the longest time, Kazimier thought he would study hospitality management and work as a manager at a luxury property. However, in middle school, he began questioning power, prestige and norms in international politics.

Seeking to satisfy his intellectual curiosity, Kazimier came to The Australian National University (ANU) in 2017 to study a Bachelor of International Relations and a Master of International Relations (Advanced) in 2020 at the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs.

“I decided to study at the ANU because it’s an institution that helps students fully realise their academic aspirations. In addition, I like the flexibility the university offers in its degrees. Whether you want to build your research skills for a doctoral degree or to compound your analytical and communication skills for your professional career, the Coral Bell School offers exactly what you need to pursue your goals”.

For his research component, Kazimier chose to pursue a niche research question. He wrote a 15,000-word thesis on how states gain international prestige through connectivity in the global aviation network and conspicuous consumption. He appreciates that despite being out of the purview of Coral Bell School’s usual research area, Dr Joseph MacKay lent his encouragement, expertise, and experience in guiding Kazimier through an under-researched and under-theorised area of study in international relations.

Kazimier shares the same aspirations as many students who choose to study international relations, which are engaging with processes of change and making global, positive impact on the world. He decided to pursue his goals by using the knowledge acquired in his courses and combining them with his own lived experience towards improving his community. For instance, while at ANU, Kazimier became a member of student-led organisations, such as the College of Asia and the Pacific Students’ Society (CAPSS). He was the Founding President of ANU Society for the United Nations (ANU SUN), Community Coordinator at Bruce Hall and an organising member of Asia Pacific Week 2020. Kazimier also advocated for diversity and inclusion on campus, winning the Out for Australia’s 30 Under 30 Award in 2020 in recognition of his contributions to bettering the lives of LGBTIQ+ people in Australia and demonstrating success, resilience and authenticity in being a community role model.

Kazimier is currently working as a management consultant in the Public Policy practice at Nous Group. He works with public and not-for-profit organisations to make impactful decisions and drive positive societal transformations. Prior to joining Nous, Kazimier was an associate in PwC’s Data Assurance team and interned for the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA).