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It is the largest electoral observation project in the region, and one of the largest in the world, with over 350 citizen observers deployed as 44 teams. The teams observed over 1,000 polling places providing invaluable information on electorates that are not otherwise monitored by observers and which receive scant attention by national and international media. Interim examinations of the data and the collaborative analysis by the team leaders shows a worrying picture, with worsening compliance to electoral rules in many areas of the country, and the emergency of new forms of undemocratic control.

Findings from this project will provide unparalleled depth into Papua New Guinean politics and allow for sound, evidence-based policy advice on defending and strengthening Papua New Guinean democracy.


Experiences of female candidates in the 2017 Papua New Guinea general election

6 February 2018
Devpolicy Blog

By Dr Kerryn Baker


Improving the electoral chances of Melanesian women: an evidence-based approach

6 February 2017
Devpolicy Blog

By Associate Professor Julien Barbara and Dr Kerryn Baker

State of the Pacific 2018 – Leadership at the Local Level: Women’s Political Participation in PNG