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In collaboration with the Development Policy Centre and the Australia Pacific Security College at the Australian National University (ANU), the Department of Pacific Affairs (DPA) microcredentials are designed to facilitate broader and deeper education on the Pacific region amongst policymakers, program designers, researchers and analysts working on and in the Pacific region.

DPA has drawn on its research portfolio and teaching staff to develop a suite of microcredentials, which offer:

  • Deep-dives into a specific subject area, informed by the latest research from DPA and ANU.
  • Intensive teaching format to suit professional workloads, across 1, 2 or 5 teaching days, scheduled outside of school holidays.
  • Accessibility and equity: participants with either a Bachelor degree or equivalent work-related experience (five years or more) will be eligible to enrol.
  • Job-relevant assessment methods: assessment methods are designed to foster critical awareness with an emphasis on building an evidence-base for policy work.
  • Transferability: participants will accumulate credits for an ANU postgraduate degree such as the Master and Graduate Certificate in Pacific Development as well as other ANU offerings such as the Masters in Political Science; Public Policy; Environmental Management and Development; Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development.
China Aid in vaccines arrives in Port Moresby
by Roan Paul

Geopolitics and Regionalism

  • The China Alternative? Changing Geopolitics in the Pacific
  • Analysing Pacific Security: Methods and Techniques
  • Australia’s Relationship With The Pacific Islands
  • Framing Pacific Security: Contest, Resilience and Risk
  • Regionalism in the Pacific: Diplomacy, Development and Policy Making

Politics and the Nature of the State

  • Bougainville In Transition
  • How Papua New Guinea Works
  • Micro-nationalism and the State in Papua New Guinea
  • Political Economy of Service Delivery in Melanesia
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Nicole Fuchs

Economic Development

  • Empirical Development Policy for the Pacific
  • Pacific Island Economic Development
  • Pacific Labour Mobility - Migration - Development Nexus in Question
  • Understanding the PNG Economy

Gender and Social Development

  • Information and Communication Technologies in the Pacific
  • Law and Justice in the Pacific
  • Pacific Cultures and Development
  • Pacific Feminisms
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Roan Paul
Wilmer Joel

Research Methodologies and Special Topics

  • Evidence-based program design and implementation in the Pacific
  • Inclusive Research Methodologies
  • Pacific Negotiation Masterclass
  • Pacific Research Methodologies
  • Political Economy of Elections in Melanesia

Understanding the Pacific

  • Tok Pisin Language and Cultural Awareness
  • Foundational concepts, Critical Perspectives
  • New Actors, Contemporary Issues
Laisiasa Dave