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Researchers at the Department of Pacific Affairs (DPA) are engaged in high-quality policy-relevant research on our immediate region. Our staff have all lived, worked and researched in the Pacific over long periods of time – undertaking fieldwork, teaching in universities, working at research institutes, and working for and advising national governments, donor agencies, non-government organisations, regional bodies and international organisations.

Head & Deputy Head of Department

Sonia Palmieri
by CAP

Head of Department

Associate Professor Sonia Palmieri's research interests lie in the social and cultural conditions that legitimise women's leadership in political institutions, including parliaments. In parallel, Sonia explores with students and her disciplinary peers opportunities and strategies for more inclusive research methodologies, particularly feminist methodologies. Her research agenda is built on 15 years experience of working in academic, development and parliamentary institutions.

Salā Dr George Carter

Deputy Head of Department

Salā Dr George Carter is a Research Fellow in Geopolitics and Regionalism. He is also the Director for the ANU Pacific Institute a network hub of over 200 scholars - connecting and promoting Pacific Sudies - research, teaching and training at the university. George lectures courses in international relations, diplomacy, security, environment and climate change, policy, cross-cultural communication, and Pacific studies. George’s research and teaching interests are informed by his education, work experience in the Pacific and upbringing through his proud Samoan Tuvaluan, i-Kiribati, Chinese, British ancestry. He serves his family and village in Samoa, where he holds the matai/chiefly title of Salā.