Master of Strategic Studies students help inform the 2016 Defence White Paper

Guarding Against Uncertainty - Australian Attitudes to Defence

A submission by the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre's (SDSC) International Security Studies students encouraging a dedicated capability for search and rescue has found its way into the 2016 Defence White Paper (point 4.94, pp 107).

The submission, which addressed 'Why should Australia develop paramedical-rescue capabilities?', was accepted and released as part of the report on the Community Consultation of the 2015 White Paper process in July 2015.

Dr Joanne Wallis, a former Senior Lecturer at SDSC, said that it was very encouraging for her students to have been able to directly inform the 2016 Defence White Paper, and that she is extremely proud of their achievement.

Dr Wallis added that “being able to contribute to policy decisions in one of the most rigorous and comprehensive Defence White Papers in Australia’s history demonstrates the high level of education and training students at The Australian National University (ANU) receive, not just at the postgraduate level, but also in their undergraduate studies”.

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